A Brief Guide to Landing an Analyst Role

Especially for finance gradudates or CFA candidates who wish to land a job in investment research, asset management, or other front office jobs:


Discover the 7 tips of how one can get job offers as an analyst, even during recessions. During our networking night, I will share pointers on how I got two job offers as an analyst during the previous recessions
(one post Global Financial Crisis, again in 2015)




Dear finance graduates and CFA candidates,

frustration-2-1Have you felt Frustrated and Uncertain about why you could not land an interview for an analyst role, despite graduating from accounting, finance or even passed all CFA exams?

You have studied very hard for your exams and you invested thousands in your education. Yet, you seem nowhere close to getting your dream job?

Deep down, you yearn to wake up everyday and skip to your work. You even fantasise about what it is like to be a successful fund manager like Peter Lynch or Sir John Templeton, but do not know how.

Not closer to your dream career


Maybe you have the wrong mindset, or lack the understanding of what fund managers or research heads are looking for. You may be feeling unfulfilled deep inside, yet you are unsure what steps to take to get you closer. I understand you had that dream of working in an asset management firm, yet nobody seems to notice your talents.

“Why does the headhunter skip my CV even though
I have the skills for this job?”


“Why does the interviewer doubt my abilities?”


It’s not because you are not smart enough. It’s not because you did not try hard enough.

The problem is more serious than you know, but you can’t put a finger to it. It is not your fault entirely. Asians are generally shy about showing off our talents and many schools do not teach us how to pitch our views, present our skills, and push for possibilities. 

Why? Because many finance teachers had an academic career which does not require adaptations to a fast-changing job environment in the private sector.  But my journey was different. I was able to land my dream job because I worked on my dream endlessly, prepared myself thoroughly, AND sought mentors whenever I got the chance.

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Ms Valerie Law, CFA, did Communications Studies  and majored in journalism in NTU. Upon graduation, she found passion in investments and set her heart to make a career switch. While working as a writer, she completed her CFA exams in three consecutive years.

With perseverance, awesome cover letters, and rounds of interviews, she finally landed a role as an associate analyst with Macquarie Securities — Australia’s biggest investment bank. She continued to stay in the investment industry for many more years.