InstructorValerie Law
TypeOnsite Course
DateNov 12, 2016 - Nov 26, 2016
Time10am to 330pm
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Learn how to build a basic financial model with us !

Over here at Valuation School , we strive to help course participants to build a basic financial model so that they can become analyst or just become better investors.
Financial modelling gives you insights into a business that cannot be gotten just by reading financial reports.

In this course, you can expect to learn the following:

Section 1: Basic Accounting Concepts
– Overview of a company’s financial statements
– Get to know the major elements within each segment:
(1) Profit & Loss
(2) Balance Sheet
(3) Cashflow
– Understand how these components are related

Section 2: Start to build your own model 
– Overview: Take a look at a professional investment analyst’s model
– Extract key data from company’s results, press releases and investor slides
– Organize your data properly in your Excel workbook

Section 3: Building your main model (part 1)
– Formatting guidelines
– Income statement: How do you approach each income statement item and do forecasts?
– Balance sheet: Can you ensure that items in your balance sheet balances?

Section 4: Building your main model (part 2)
– Cashflow: How to link up cash flow statement with income statement and balance sheet?
– Equity statement: Linking with balance sheet and cashflow statement

Section 5: DCF and excel shortcuts to make your research efficient
– Building DCF with your integrated model
– Troubleshoot your model with Excel
– Key Excel functions and shortcuts that an analyst frequently uses

Section 6: Bloomberg skills & Improvement
– Use Bloomberg for equity research: important functions you should know
– Appreciate elements for writing a good investment summary
– Grading and Feedback

For registration, you can pay by Credit Card or transfer your course fees to Maybank 0417-1072277; email a screenshot / reference no., your name and mobile to: